QM003 three sections of universal suction hood

QM003 three sections of universal suction hood
QM003 three sections of universal suction hood
QM003 three sections of universal suction hood
QM003 three sections of universal suction hood
QM003 three sections of universal suction hood

Product Specification

Subject: Physics

Model Number: QM003



First, the performance characteristics:

Material: Pp material, high density PP composition, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance;

2. Wide range of activities, can be fixed to the center as a center to 1240mm radius of 360 degrees within the range of rotation; height can be 720mm in the range of free telescopic, arbitrary positioning;

3. Decorative fixed base and fixed base from the bottom of adjustable, adjustable range of 990mm ~ 1450mm;

4. With air flow control button, can control the gas flow;

5 .. easy to use, easy to disassemble, reorganization and cleaning.

Second, the installation and use

1. According to the workplace and indoor environment to choose the location of the hood installed in the ceiling at the top of the holes fixed hole, with M8 expansion screws fixed to the ceiling fixed ceiling;

2. Plug the telescopic tube into the exhaust pipe hole of the fixing frame, lock the telescopic pipe and the exhaust pipe with the hoop, and tighten the decorative plate.

3. Tighten the hood;

4. Connect the exhaust air outlet to the ventilation system.

5. Use can be free to set the hood, so that the location of ventilation, and adjust the flow control knob. After turning the knob, close the wind deflector and fold the hood.

Third, the installation Notes:

1. Joint pressure bearing and rubber ring, if the joint loose, may be appropriate to tighten the knob knob;

2. Do not push too hard hood;

3. telescopic tube and fixed frame in the vertical plane can not exceed 90 degrees, or rebound;

4. Installation height, ceiling and suction port up to the maximum vertical distance 2440mm, minimum 1710mm



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