2018 Glucometer Blood Glucose Meter For Intelligent Glucose Meter Blood Test Paper 50pcs bottle Automatic Glycemic Instrument in Blood Glucose from Beauty Health

2018 Glucometer Blood Glucose Meter For Intelligent Glucose Meter Blood Test Paper 50pcs bottle Automatic Glycemic Instrument in Blood Glucose from Beauty Health
2018 Glucometer Blood Glucose Meter For Intelligent Glucose Meter Blood Test Paper 50pcs bottle Automatic Glycemic Instrument in Blood Glucose from Beauty Health
2018 Glucometer Blood Glucose Meter For Intelligent Glucose Meter Blood Test Paper 50pcs bottle Automatic Glycemic Instrument in Blood Glucose from Beauty Health
2018 Glucometer Blood Glucose Meter For Intelligent Glucose Meter Blood Test Paper 50pcs bottle Automatic Glycemic Instrument in Blood Glucose from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Item Type: Blood Glucose

Model Number: 6939663970211

Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

Brand Name: cn herb

Material: ABS

Origin: Hangzhou

Product time to market: In 2011

Specifications: 55 * 80.5 * 16.3 mm

Models: BG

Weight: 36.9 g

Item no: 6939663970211

Product information
Shape size 80.5 x 55 x 16.3mm
Memory storage 360 groups of memory
Blood collection is 1 micro - L
5 seconds of measurement time
Use of ambient temperature (10-40) degrees centigrade
Use the ambient temperature 10%-70%
The storage environment temperature (20-55 degrees Celsius)
Characteristic function
5 seconds reading, rapid display of measurement results
360 sets of memory storage values
The average of the results of the last 7 days, 14 days and 28 days
Simple code design operation is simple
Time and date display accurate record measurement data
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